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2017 Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge - Economics Track

Welcome, 2017 Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge participants!

The full impact of marine plastic on our economy is unknown. However, we do know that it is substantial, and that marine plastic pollution harms several sectors of the economy, such as fisheries and tourism.

To accelerate the search for solutions, UN Environment has partnered with Think Beyond Plastic™ and is inviting university students to take part in the 2017 Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge. The challenge aims to engage students around the world to help solve the global marine litter problem.

We are looking for the most innovative, accurate, and complete valuation methods or models for marine litter effects and robust and up-scalable models to value the direct (tangible) and indirect (intangible) economic effects of marine litter. Also of interest are economic valuations of alternative materials, approaches, and investments in end of life or upstream solutions to marine plastics.

Marine litter is an example of market failure and increasing levels of marine litter in the world’s seas and oceans are having a major environmental, economic, and social impact. Little research is focused on the economic costs imposed on society by marine debris. Some of the costs are tangible like the ones faced by fisheries and tourism, but most of the costs are intangible like those faced by the ecosystems and costs related to human health. The economic track of the innovation challenge will also be open to submissions on innovative ways of financing preventative interventions such as self-sustaining methods through re-use, recycling, etc.

One winner in each category will be announced at the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, California (March 12-16, 2018). Winners will have the chance to present their ideas at the conference and gain entry into the Think Beyond Plastic annual acceleration program.

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The 2017 Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge is open to any university students who are 18 or above at the time of submissions. The challenge is not open to employees or contractors of Think Beyond Plastics and the United Nations, its specialized agencies, or its Funds or Programmes, including UN Environment. Additionally, any person directly or indirectly involved with organizing the Challenge, or their direct family members, may not take part in the Challenge.

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